• Consultation to identify and assess your needs

  • Development of a bespoke agenda with custom-made training methodology and predetermined learning objectives 

  • Thorough and intensive training with measurable results

  • Certification for each participant and for the organisation

  • A 120GB SSD hard drive with course’s presentations and other useful material (confidentiality rules apply)


Often in an organisation,it is imperative that multiple team members attend a training program, whereas we understand is not always possible nor efficient to move whole teams across Europe. To address such demands we offer in-house delivery of our complete range of training courses. ​

We will provide you with a in-depth consultation to fully understand your objectives of the trainings. Following this, our tutors will tailor an existing course to specifically meet the needs of your organisation or design a new programme to meet your objectives.

Our in-house trainings include:

Talk to us today about your specific needs and we see how we can tailor an agenda to your objectives.