Effective Project Management based on the PM² Methodology of the European Commission
Date: 18-19 June 2020
Location: London
Language: English
Date: 6-7 July 2020
Location: Athens
Language: English
Date: 21-22 September 2020
Location: Frankfurt
Language: English
Date: 19-20 October 2020
Location: Rome
Language: English
Date: 19-20 November 2020
Location: Brussels
Language: English



Training on the PM² Methodology and PM² Basic Exam Voucher 



European Academy as an Accredited Training Provider (ATP) for the PM² Alliance, has secured the ability to offer exam vouchers for the PM² Certification tests. 


To celebrate this, we offer to everyone completing any of our PM² courses, a complimentary exam voucher for the

PM² Basic Certification. (Participants will also continue receiving the Certification of training completion)


Since the EC took the important initiative to bring the PM² Methodology closer to its broader stakeholders and user community, understanding and implementing the PM² Methodology is essential for anyone participating or dealing with European projects.

This unique course has been designed to address the needs of organisations and people involved in international collaborative EU funded projects. Is the only course developed around the PM² Methodology of the European Commission with a strong focus on its application to Horizon 2020 projects.

The course includes all the essentials for the understanding of the EU projects environment such as the rights and obligations of EU funds beneficiaries and provides step-by-step guidance for the management of projects.

The course will equip participants with all the necessary knowledge, skills and reference sources to help them understand, tailor and effectively use the PM² Methodology for the coordination of multi-party project work, but also for the effective reporting and smooth communication with the Project Officers of the European Commission.

During this two-day training, the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of project management will be discussed and participants will understand how PM² addresses them. With the help of workshops and exercises, at the end of the course participants will be in a position to start implementing some of the PM² best practices which will increase the quality of their project management. After the training, participants will be in a position to more successfully coordinate collaborative projects and increase their success rates by implementing PM² in their proposals.


Strictly limited seats per course ensure a much more focused learning experience and a customised programme.



PM² is a Project Management Methodology custom developed by the European Commission to fit the specific needs, culture and constraints of EU Institutions. Its purpose is to facilitate the effective management of a project’s complete lifecycle, and increase the quality of the project management process and project results. It incorporates elements from a wide range of globally accepted project management best practices as well as European Commission’s operational experience from many projects. PM² is a light and easy to implement methodology suitable for any type of project.

The European Commission has published PM² with an open and free license for anyone to use for the management of their projects, with a focus on projects run within the EU Institutions or funded by EU programmes. As such, working knowledge of the PM² Methodology becomes essential for anyone participating in such projects.



Participants of the two days training will learn: 


  • About the environment of EU funded projects 

  • How to apply project management best practices to EU funded projects 

  • How to implement the PM² Methodology 

  • How to use the PM² templates 

  • Step-by-step guidance for the management of your projects 

  • How to achieve proper project governance 

  • The project management roles and their responsibilities 

  • What are the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of project management 

  • How to properly organise kick-off meetings 

  • Simple techniques to manage stakeholder 

  • Simple techniques to manage risks in projects 

  • How to implement a results-oriented approach 

  • How to monitor project performance 

  • How to facilitate effective communication with project partners 

  • How to properly close your project



This seminar is ideal for those who work on EU funded projects and companies who are collaborating with the EC. Having in your CV the acknowledgement of attending a PM² workshop showcases your familiarity with the PM² methodology and your commitment to project management excellence. 


Course’s Benefits & Outcomes: 

Get exclusive information and resources on the PM² Methodology 

Improve the success rate of your project proposals 

Improve the quality of your project planning and reporting 

Increase your organisation’s competitiveness 

Receive tangible and actionable advice on your projects

Network and exchange experience with peers and possible partners from across EU



National Contact Points for H2020
Project Managers
Projects Administrators
Account Managers
Co-ordinators and Controllers
Development Managers
Directors of Research
Risk Managers
Heads of Units
Grants Financial Accountants
Directors of Financial Services
Chief Financial Officers & Chief Internal Auditors
Internal Auditors
External Auditors working for the Public Administration
Researchers & Professors
Consultants advising Beneficiaries
Consultants and Accountants working for the public sector
Policy Advisors


International and European Institutions & Organisations
European Agencies
European and National Associations
Public Authorities and Inspectorates
Public Health Services and Hospitals
Certifying Authorities
Executive Agencies
Public and Private Beneficiaries of EU Funds
Managing Authorities
Coordinating Bodies
National and Regional Public Authorities
City Councils, Regional and Local Governments
Regional Development Agencies
National and Regional Ministries
National and Regional Subordinate Bodies
National and Regional Courts of Auditors
Research & Technology Centres
Public and Private Research Institutes
Higher Education Institutions & Universities
Private Companies of all Sectors
Clusters and Innovation Centres
Private Companies
Associations, Foundations, Non for Profit and NGOs
Consulting Companies
Business Development Agencies



  • Complete 2 days training €1490 exl. VAT


  • Admission to the course

  • Course’s Handbook

  • Hard copies of training material

  • Certification of “Management and Coordination of E.C. Funded Projects; the PM² Methodology” training completion

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Accreditation to Professionals Directory

  • Complimentary coffee & snack breaks

  • Complimentary networking lunch breaks

  • Complimentary PM² Basic Certification voucher



This course’s content has been developed by experienced PM² practitioners and H2020 Coordinators, and is delivered by experienced trainers with over 20 years of experience in the field.