Impact of the EC-funded research, Training course by European Academy, 26-28 September in Brussels

From designing successful Dissemination & Exploitation Strategies for H2020 projects to Commercialising the Research & Innovation outcomes.


This course is a three-day intensive training on research communication and capitalisation. It includes all key elements from the regulatory and contractual issues and the designing of successful dissemination strategies to putting in use and commercialising the outcomes of R&I projects.

The course contains theoretical and practical approaches and step-by-step guidance along with tips and hints and it is designed to improve the skills necessary for those involved in communication and exploitation of European-funded projects.

​The content of the course is developed to assist participants to plan successful dissemination campaigns with high impact; to familiarise them with the operational tools and the best engagement practices for a strong presence in social media, and to provide them with all necessary skills for developing successful business cases for the outcome of R&I projects. At the end of the course, participants will be able to create thriving awareness and engagement plans and develop strategic communication networks that work.

The course will enhance the skills and expertise of those involved in research and science communication, and it is strongly recommended that participants undergo the full three days of training, but, the individual modules can also be taken separately.